About Us

Italy had once a vision. In the early 50’s the country was in the front-line of the promotion of the European project. Today the mindset is totally different. Europe is seen not as precious and key as before, and sovereignism is the new leading-spirit of the nation. Italy contributed to create the European Union, but is not keeping the promise of a better continent. Once funding father, Italy is today lost in Europe. First founder, then lost. “Lost and founders” is a word-game, behind which is the desire of informing about the Italian sentiments. This blog represents the continuation of euelectionsitaly.

Emanuele Bonini is an Italian-European journalist typing about the EU affairs between Brussels, Rome, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and wherever needed. Born newswire reporter, after some years spent in his native country he started his full-time European career in 2011, year of his first landing in Brussels. Two years as ASCA correspondent, then a freelance activity for several Italian media. Currently working for Eunews, LaStampa, and for EuropaToday’s TV news.