Press release: Our blogging project gave birth to EUnewsPortugal!

Five months ago we launched the five blogs covering the EU elections in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Italy and France. We have published a total of 306 articles to this hour, and the European election is only starting! We have been invited to speak about our project to students and journalistic associations. Concrete result of the interest we have sparked is the birth on 8 April of the blog EUnews Lithuania, which is run by Angele Kediatiene, in association to our project. And the latest news is the launch on Europe Day, 9 May of the blog EUnewsPortugal, run by Teresa Dominguez.

Teresa is a Brussels-based young professional from Portugal. She has a Master’s Degree in European Studies from KU Leuven and currently works as a EU policy events manager in EURACTIV. Previously she interned at the UN Regional Information Centre for Western Europe, where she wrote pieces on development, human rights, and international relations for Portuguese audiences.  

A round of applause to Teresa and EUnewsPotugal! And don’t forget to subscribe: it’s free!

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