ECR available to have Salvini in, co-chair said

Matteo Salvini’s MEPs sitting in the ECR group? Why not? “Of course he is a possible ally, of course he is”, said the co-chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists, Ryszard Legutko, in the margin of the plenary session of the European Parliament. The Hungarian prime minister Vikotor Orban is considering to leave the EPP, and such a move could generate a recomposition of the existing political groups within the EU institution. The Italian sovereignist-populist party could be part of this race.

Legutko, aged 70, a philosopher, is a prominent Polish politician from the ruling party Law and Order (PiS), very influent at EU level, too. He cannot say what Orban can do – “so far Fidesz is an EPP member”, he stressed – but he is sure that there is place in the ECR. The fact that another Italian delegation is already in the group is not a problem, according to him. “Brothers of Italy (FdI) and the League are potentially allies in the future national government”.

The co-chair of ECR said the truth. Lega and FdI are running together in the regional elections. The are going to try to win in a long-tradition leftist region, the one of Emilia-Romagna. Elections will be hold on 26 January, and the survival of the Italian government might depend on the outcome of the ballot.

A possible alliance within the alliance is thus possible. Salvini’s the League can join the ECR and re-propose at EU level the already existing political partnership with Brother of Italy. “I am not sure they will leave the group they created”, Legutko pointed out. The Polish nevertheless kept the doors of his group open. “It would an interesting option, anyway”. Let’s wait and see.

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